Saturday, October 4, 2008


Just came back from my 'Kampung' Got so much 'materials' and so many things to blog about! I'mFeeling lazy looking forward to posting more pictures, entries and sheer insanity.

1)Dusun Eco Trip Day 2 & 3
2)Pangkor Trip
3)Cousin's wedding in my hometown

Next semester starting soon too... Have to worry about fund raising and all... Sigh... so I better blog while I still can. =)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

9 and a 1/2 hours spent in Mid Valley

ZOMG WTF BBQ! What a title?! Foooyooohh! Anyway... It all started on Monday, September 29th (I'm not implying it lasted across several days) I reached Mid Valley at 11am to catch a movie and yamcha with my senior & friend from the aforementioned Dusun Eco Trip, Shane Ng aka Hitomi (Pffft... Blowing your identity =D). After watching Money No Enough(my 2nd time. Only watched it cos the time was convenient) We went to look for her blogger friend, Joshua and ate lunch together.

We ate lunch here, at The Gardens

Poser! Still, the words at the back are nice blue and glowy

Food! Glorious food!

I tried Joshua's Salmon and got a bad stomach ache cos my stomach wasn't used to raw food. I also barely touched my meal because of that (The noodles & Octopus) Thank goodness Joshua & Shane were there to help me finish my food. No wastage everyone!

Me camwhoring at The Gardens' Toilet XD

We went back to Mid Valley after lunch to spend quality time with the arcade. Shane kept choosing hard levels and died early in all the games she played! XD

Joshua was a pro at the initial D machine

Any car also can... =) (btw, he drives with 1 hand even in real life)

Wondering what the noob beside him was doing

I finally tried out this dance machine

but I suck so badly as compared to Seng. Died in 2nd stage

We also tried out the Taiko drum machine

As you can see, it was haaaard work (see his look of concentration and my half dead expression?)

Joshua and I make a good team!

(someone was too free. Kept taking our photos =P)

By 6, Joshua had to leave and Shane had to wait for traffic to settle. So we decided to go shopping! We went to FOS where I met a college friend (who greeted me by kicking my butt. Sweet huh?)

Saw this funny model with something at her nose

Shane's version =P

Wide belt. Cool?

We spent almost an hour deciding on that last belt. Ran several floors too >.< Shane la... couldn't make up her mind. I finally left MV at 8.30pm. Just in time to rush to Subang Parade to register for the Mizuno Wave Run. =)

Gotta find time to think more about the fundraising... Now gonna Balik Kampung for a cousin's wedding..

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

I've registered for the Mizuno Wave Run 2008. It is a 10km run that will take place in KL on the 19th of October. Entry forms can be obtained from all World of Sports outlets. Entry fees is RM35 while the closing date for registration falls on my birthday, 5th of October. All participants will receive a nice shirt, a 30% discount voucher for Mizuno products and a cert for participation. Top 1500 runners will also receive a medal.

I am posting this because.... I DON'T WANNA RUN ALONEEEEE!!! So act fast and register yourselves before its too late. I promise I'll love you more if you do join. =)

Will not be posting anything for the next few days as I'll be away on vacation with my family to Pangkor island. Ohohoho!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dusun Eco trip 08 Day 1

Finally. My long delayed 2nd post. A really long one...

On Monday, 22nd of September, I was supposed to go for this Student Welfare Committee Trip(SWC) to Dusun Eco in Pahang. Somewhere past Genting I think. I'll probably blog about SWC some other time too. Anyway, due to the fact that my exams just ended 2 days before the trip, I was still rather stressed and worried about failing any subjects so I wasn't really looking forward to going. Many others were also whining about the RM150 fee that we had payed for the trip and worried about leeches and all since we were going to some "jungle jungle" sort of area.

I was so so wrong about the trip going to be boring.

We left TARCollege in the wee hours of the morning. Which was bout 10am, when everyone is still groggy and light headed. Traveled by TARC bus along a long stretch of road, gravel and stone. For a moment several of us were worried as the TARC bus struggled along the sloping road while Genting buses were cruising by effortlessly. Finally, we reached this sandy, barren area with just a small hut in the middle of nowhere. There was a similar cry from the majority of the 23 of us that went for the trip the minute we stepped off the bus.

OMG OMG! Maxis NO signal!
Digi too! Yellow man can't come to Dusun Eco ah? Celcom l
Hey... one bar one bar. still can SMS

It was also here that I discovered one of my CHS friend, Kar Heng, has 6 toes.

Nothing unusual here right?

Once people saw that, they were all rushing to take his photo. It was so bad I tell you! XD
Anyway, soon after, we found out we had to take this lorry up this long and windy and steep path uphill to the actual Dusun Eco Resort place I know right... Dusun Eco RESORT sounds so comfortable and all.

Everyone struggling off the lorry. A little dizzy and disorientated of course.

Camwhore with the bags!!! (Notice the nice scenery)

My presence intimidates him. Apparently he intimidates himself too...

Mun Hoe - Eh?! Whats this?!

Anson- This is my wife la stoopid.... =.=" (ok, so they probably weren't really related. But that cat SERIOUSLY had a liking for Anson. Followed him everywhere. Only him. =D)

The manager of Dusun Eco Resort

We dare anyone to set foot into our home...

This is Kitty. Ironically, she has a horrible fear of cats. Hence the jumping on the table XD

After checking into our dormitories (Guys and Girls were sharing the same dorm. *Joy to the world*) we proceeded to this room to be sorted into groups and to play mini ice breaking games. I was still kinda foreign towards the others as I'm still not too close with the rest of the Juniors. Also we played the Guardian Angel Game! Woohoo! I was in the green team. Which we smartly and obviously named ourselves the Greenies. So what if it lacked creativity huh?!

The "hall" that we all gathered at to be sorted into groups. (More like room really)


Another team, The Red Devils

Greenies team leader, Kenneth aka Army waving off the paparazzi

This is Shane, my teammate

While we got busy with the team activities

She used my phone to do more important activities. Like Camwhoring

She liked how she looked in Kenneth's Bandana

So I decided to show her what was the proper headgear fashion this season

My favourite spot in Dusun Eco was the hanging bridge. It was long and scarily high up yet stunningly cool as well! We had to pass under it many times on our way to the dorms. I recall on the first day, I went down to the gents located quite a distance away from our dorms to bathe. There was a really clean, nice loo (the cleanest in Dusun Eco really) just beside our dorms but it was for ladies only =(

The hanging bridge™

Beautiful ain't it?

I rest my case

The long, steep never-ending stairway to the hanging bridge

Bony Yang was sort of the official photographer for this trip because he brought this really good DSLR camera as he loved taking photos.

Yang - Gimme back my camera pleaseeeee

The outdoor activity in store for us on the first day was a treasure hunt. Sounds fun? It was more tiring and insane really but undeniably a superb group activity. The things we had to find were.... really weird and REALLY HARD too. Eg. Chicken feather x2, Duck feather x2, 10 different flowers, 5 combs, 1 lipstick, 5 live ants, 5 live bees, 5 live flying ants, 5 types of food, 5 sticks with different diameters, fountain water.

Mind you, we were given nothing. Not even bottles for the fountain water or containers to store the live insects. We picked up trash from all over to store everything. Surprisingly we managed to capture all those insects alive and even improvised. Like using branches as a comb. We tried to make juice out of plants as a lipstick but in the end decided to just borrow one from the mak cik working in the cafeteria there. XD The insects in Dusun Eco are HUGE!

Huge ant!

At night, the weather shifted from blistering hot to freezing cold. As if someone switched on an outdoor air-conditioning, we gathered once again in the "dewan" for making our group T-shirts. Everyone had really creative designs and you could seriously see the excellent teamwork present there. Huey Ching and Bong Yang from other groups came and helped me with my shirt too cos I was really slow. =.=" At night we went for a creepy night walk. Kar Heng warned us not to wear coloured t-shirts and to not use each others real names. We walked in a single file clinging on to each others shirts for guidance as we had no flashlights(except Kar Heng in the front) while navigating through the near pitch black darkness. Finally, we settled on this flat area in high ground and exchanged ghost stories. Most of us were freaked out by then.

We quickly made our way back to the dorm after that. By this time I brushed my teeth in the girl's toilet. Too lazy to walk far far away just to brush my teeth. It was still freezing cold and as you know, teenagers are at their peak hyper moments at night. Therefore, there was lots of screaming and raping of other guys and pigging ourselves with snacks and gossip gossip gossip before I finally fell asleep at 3am. Some people weren't even back at the dorm by then. O.o

Soon to update more about day 2 of my Dusun Eco adventures

All photos here are taken with my Nokia 5610. I LOVE MY PHONE!

Huge thanks to Shane for using my phone to go on a photo snapping spree. Now I've got loads of nice photos to remember this trip by.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OMGWTFBBQ! Jeff has been infected by the infectious blog fever!

Gasp in shock and scatter in fear people! Jeffrey has started a blog!
No Fear though! Its not the end of the world! I just want a chatbox!
I promise you that should you ever visit my blog, I shall bore you
with ceaseless random blabber till you forget how to leave this page.

You can expect my Blog to contain frequent traces of...
1) Essay long articles
2) Unskilled photography
3) Uninttenttionall typos
4) Sufficient time intervals between posts
5) A chatbox worthy of giving msn a run for its money
6) Full, grammatically right sentences(I'm a perfectionist! Sue me.)
8) Weird blur moments like leaving my caps on
9) Just enough whining and emo moments(To drive you away)
10) Language abuse rated PG-18
11) Random emoticons =) >.< )")=.=)") -.-" XD

I'm too tired and lazy to write anything more. 2nd post to come with many many photos. Promised!